CBSE 12th Chemistry Model Paper Set A download 2014

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) would be conducting the final exams for the class 12th Board in the month of March 2014. Students must be wondering how to score high in the exams and increase their percentage to secure a better places in the future colleges.

One of the most important subject in the syllabus to shoot up the percentage in the exam is Chemistry. But it is worth noting that CBSE changes the pattern for the exam every year and students must be aware of the changes to perfectly mark the questions. This year also CBSE has come up with new exam pattern to hold it in the next year.

Here we are providing you Sample papers of Chemistry containing 10 important questions from different portions and also based on the new pattern which would be beneficial for students preparing for the exams.

Chemistry Model Paper for 12th Board Set A Series Download

1)    List the reactions of glucose which cannot be explained by its open-chain structure.

2)    The resistance of a conductivity cell containing 0.001 M KCl solution at 298 K is 1500 Ω. What is the cell constant if the conductivity of 0.001 M KCl solution at 298 K is 0.146 × 10−3 S cm−1?  

3)    Which is a stronger acid – Phenol or Cresol? Explain.

4)    Give mechanism of preparation of ethoxyethanle from ethanol.

5)    Write down the equations for hydrolysis of X F4

 and XeF6. Which of these two reactions is a Redox reaction?

6)    (a) Name the method used for refining of

(i) Nickel

(ii) Zirconium

(b) The extraction of Au by leaching with NaCN involves both oxidation and reduction. Justify giving equations.

7)    Give reason for the following:

 (i) O-Toludine is more basic than aniline.

 (ii) Tertiary amines do not undergo acetylation reaction.

8)    Give a reason for the following :  

(i) Rough surface of catalyst is more effective than smooth surface.

(ii) Smoke passed through charged plates before allowing it to come out of

 chimneys in factories.

(iii) Ne gets easily absorbed over charcoal than He.

9)    Write the mechanism for preparation of ethanol from ethene.

10) (a) What is the role of Benzoyl peroxide in polymerisation of ethene?

(b) What are LDPE and HDPE? How are they prepared?

These were the few important questions of chemistry based on new syllabus written by our experts. The set A Sample or model paper has been provided. Soon we will provide more sets that will be tagged as Set B, Set C, Set D for Chemistry subject.

All subjects of 10 & 12th Board will be covered here. So, wait for more model papers of different subjects of board exams.

Stay with us for all CBSE and model test paper download.

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