12th Board Physics Model Paper CBSE 2013-14

CBSE Board 2013-14 examinations has scheduled to hold in the first week of March 2014. The board has not declared final schedule for exam but it is expected to be announced soon on the official website of CBSE 2014. We are also ready to provide all updates regarding CBSE exams so you are advised to stay with us to get all official news.

Candidates have very few days left to appear in board exam. They are also busy in their final round of preparation. For the ease of candidates we are providing some important questions for 12th exam. These below questions are quiet important for your preparation. Download all the questions and start preparing according to it. We will also provide more important collections for 10th and 12th exams.

CBSE 12th Board Physics Model Paper

Q.1> Derive an expression for the induced emf produced by changing the area of a rectangular coil placed perpendicular to a magnetic field?

Q.2> Define fringe width, Derive an expression for fringe width in young’s double slit experiment.

Q.3> Express and derive the de-broglie wavelength associated with a charge partical having charge q and mass m when it accelerated by a potential?

Q.4> State gauss theorem in electrostatics. Using this theorem derive an expression for the electric field intensity at a point near a thin infinite plane sheet of charge density σ cm−2.

Q.5>Two charge particles having magnitude -2Q and +Q are located at points (a,0) and (4a,0) respectively. Find the electric flux due to these charges through a sphere of radius ’3a’ with its centre at origin.

Q.6>Describe an experimental arrangement to study photoelectric effect. Derive Einstein photoelectric equation.

Q.7>Define the typical output characteristics of an n-p-n transistor in CE configuration.

Q.8>Derive an expression for the potential energy of a dipole in a uniform electric field hence discuss the condition of its stable and unstable equilibrium.

Q.9>Define the activity of a given radioactive substance and also define its SI unit.

Q.10> (a) Define the term stopping potential in a relation to photoelectric effect

(b) How the radio wave produced.

(c)Write any two characteristics of nuclear force.

These are some important collections from some selected topic by experts. These Physics questions are going to help you definitely in your preparation time. We advice all candidates of 12th board exam to prepare with a settle strategy. It will be helpful in securing good marks that will also support you in your JEE 2014 entrance exam.

All the Best to all of you & Stay with us for all updates on CBSE 2014

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