CBSE 12th Biology Sample Paper Set A Series 2014 Download

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is all set to conduct the board exams for 12th class in the month of March in next year 2014. The registration phase for the exam in the schools is already complete and students must be ready for their mid-term exams.

Students having biology in their subjects must be already wondering on how to increase their performance in the subject. Biology has a vast syllabus and it would be beneficial for the students to prepare well so as to stretch their gain up to the competitive medical exams.

To make students aware of the new pattern and syllabus here we are providing sample paper of Biology containing 10 important and expected questions that would help them to score high.

CBSE 12th Biology Sample Paper set A Series Download

1)     What is Amniocentesis?

2)    On examining a patient, he had a mass of proliferating cells damaging the neighbouring tissues also. The doctor explained the       disease to the patient. Name the disease and its property.

3)    Write the formula to calculate allele frequency in future generations according to Hardy – Weinberg genetic equilibrium.

4)    A non-haemophilic couple was informed by their doctor that there is possibility of a haemophilic child being born to them. Draw a checker board and find out the percentage of possibility of such a child among the progeny.

5)    Differentiate between a detrivore and a decomposer giving an example of each.

6)    Rahul was suffering from the malfunctions of kidneys and need a replacement. His friend comes forward to donate him a kidney but after through examination the doctors refused to accept the kidney. Why he was refused to donate and what is it that the doctors check?

7)    How ZW sex determination system differs from XY?

8)    What is the genetic basis for proof that codon is a triplet and is read in a contiguous manner without punctuations?

9)    How r-DNA is used in Diagnosis of diseases?

10)            (a) Draw a labelled diagram of sectional view of human ovary showing different stages of oogenesis.

                   (b) Where is morula formed in humans? Explain the process of its development from the zygote.


These were few important questions based on the new syllabus specially designed by our experts for the students. The set A sample paper has been provided and the set B & C will be tagged soon in the website for the Biology subject.

All the subjects for CBSE 12th & 10th board will be covered in the sample papers. Students must wait for the rest of the sample sets.

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Stay with us for all CBSE and model test paper download.


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